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Find those banned Journalists on Mastodon quickly

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So if you’ve been living under a rock these past weeks, this one guy bought Twitter and started to show some strange behavior. Among other things, he kicked off a number of tech journalists last night. More on this at the NY Times: Twitter Suspends Accounts of Half a Dozen Journalists or in German at BR24

Some of the banned journalists decamped to the Fediverse.

Here are the links to their respective Mastodon presences:

Ryan Mac of The New York Times;
Drew Harwell of The Washington Post;
Aaron Rupar, an independent journalist; not verifiably there yet, see his substack for updates
Donie O’Sullivan of CNN;
Matt Binder of Mashable;
Tony Webster, an independent journalist;
Micah Lee of The Intercept;
political journalist Keith Olbermann (not verifiably there yet)
Steve Herman of Voice of America

I’ve assembled that list to the best of my knowledge. Find even more Mastodon profiles of verified journalists at presscheck.org

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